Admission information

American University of Central Africa



Prospective students from all across the Globe will be admitted to AUCA based on their level of education, proficiency in science subjects, and overall grades in earlier education and extra curricular activities. To qualify for admission in Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental or Pre-Pharmacy Program, the candidates should have one of the following Minimum Qualifications:

  • High School Baccalaureate,
  • GCE “O” Levels or equivalent examinations with science subjects,
  • GCE “A” Levels or equivalent examinations with lower scores in science subjects,
  • Score 3.00 or more in GPA system.

Based on the credentials and scores evaluation by AUCA Admissions Committee, the following categories of students MAY be eligible for enrolment in higher trimesters of Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy Progarms:

  • Holders of GCE “A” Levels or equivalent with highs scores in science subjects High School Baccalaureates with high scores in science subjects,
  • Holders of Bachelor of Science Degree or equivalent,
  • Holders of MCAT Scores of 20 and higher.

Transferees from other institutions of higher education, based on their subjects and grades.


On Line Applications :

Click here and start your application process now. You can even monitor the progress of your application on line. Follow instructions provided on the website. Please note that you will have to upload evidence of the following :

  • US$ 75.00 Non refundable Application Fee,
  • Official High School Diploma & Transcripts,
  • 4 recent passport-size photographs,
  • Certified Copy of Birth Certificate,
  • Three Letters of Recommendation, (at least two from former teachers),
  • Original Health Certificate,
  • Original Police Certificate,
  • 200 words essay on « Goals in my life ».

AUCA Admissions Committee will review the application package and verify the submitted documents for authenticity. Identification of tampered documents, at any moment, will result in immediate student expulsion and denial of accreditation of any taken course. The Registrar will send written notification to all applicants, informing the final decision taken. Should the Admissions Committee recommend the applicant for admission, the applicant may be requested to attend an interview by phone or other means. It must be understood that all original documents submitted become University property and will not be returned. AUCA reserves the right to withhold the basis for an applicant’s admission denial. This information will be handled as confidential and used exclusively by the Admissions Department.

PAYMENT OPTION : We accept all major credit cards and debit cards with the VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Logo on the front. We also accept Money Orders.You can contact for information on wire transfer instructions.

APPLICATION DEADLINE : AUCA has rolling admissions open through out the year and an application can be made up to 1 year in advance of the actual enrolment. The application deadline for enrolment to classes for each trimester is 30 days before the start of that trimester.