Frequently Asked Questions

American University of Central Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline for the school of medicine ?

The deadlines of the pre-medical and medical school applications should be received by the AUCA Office of Admissions by no later than 30 days before the start of the respective terms. Since Winter terms begin the first week of January, the application deadline for the Winter term would then be to submit all documents by December 1st. The Spring term begins in May, and so, the application deadline for Spring would be April 1st. And finally the Fall term begins the first week of September, so the application deadline would be to submit by August 1st.

Which types of facilities are on the campus ?

Library, print shop, coffee shop, book store, – located at the campus.

How are the tuition and fees comparable to other medical schools, per trimester ?

Less expensive by approximately 70% compared to U.S. medical schools. Scholarships are also available.

How is life like in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tomé and Principe ? (history, currency, food, arts, transportation)

There are few thousands tourists coming to STP to enjoy the beaches, weather, and forests (with its flora and fauna). So, the STP is pretty well developed from the tourist point of view: regarding the roads, the hotels, the restaurants, and other outdoor activities, and beaches.

Where do students attending AUCA stay ?

They will be staying at a hostel which caters to the students. The AUCA has contracted with private home owners accros the city of Sao Tome so the students can be allocated hostel facilities at a walking distance from the various lecture halls and student facilities.

In most cases, students will share flats specially equipped to be at the disposal of AUCA students.

Arrangements for students’ hostels can be made with the office of Students’ affairs at the time of registration.

How long will it take to earn my MD/DMD/Pharm-D degree ?

Approximately 6+ years. Pre-medical lasts 4 trimesters, Basic Sciences for 5 trimesters, and Clinical Sciences for 7 trimesters.

For Dental program; 5 years. It takes 4 Pre-dental trimesters and 8 Basic and Clinical trimesters to qualify.

For Pharm-D program; 6 years. 4 Pre-professional trimesters and 8 professional trimesters.

What is the faculty-to-student ratio ?

Approximately 1:25 in every instance, we hope to meet ALL international standards for the best possible professional trainings of our students.

What are the application requirements ?

  • Application form (duly filled),
  • 3 passport sized photos,
  • Copy of passport,
  • USD 75 application fee,
  • Official high school transcript/international baccalaureat degree,
  • Background/criminal police report,
  • 3 letters of recommendation (other than family)- 2 of the 3 must be from the last school attended,
  • A letter indicating the ability to pay school fees,
  • A personal statement (max. 700 words).

How can I communicate with my family? (internet, VOIP)

Internet & Telephone communication is available to students for a fee.

How is the safety on-campus and off-campus ?

There will be on-campus security and security is well established at the hotel residence. There are strict rules which MUST be followed, as provided in the student handbook. Generally speaking The Gambia has a low crime rate.

How do I travel to The STP ?

Air travel to The STP is served by various African airlines and European airlines.

Do I need a visa to get to The Gambia ?

According to your nationality, entry and long stay/student visa might be required. You will be advised of your visa status at the time of application.